Do I have cool friends or what?

My name on the Ohio Theatre marquee

Yes, I finally finished work on my master of library science (MLS) degree yesterday. I finished my last paper at 4:10 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 8, 2006. I should get my grades within the week, I’ll be certified within the month, receive my diploma in March and go through commencement in May.

It still has not sunk in that I’m done. Darlene and I are certainly lining up a huge number of projects though— mostly getting our building cleaned up after nearly 18 months of overall neglect. I have a bunch of websites that I’ve promised over the past two years. My first task though is to do a resume so I can apply for a scholarship to go to the American Library Association conference in Washington, D.C., next year.

Meanwhile, as soon my degree I certified, I’ll be promoted to librarian where I work.

Things are looking up. I’m done. Darlene’s on the upswing (Thank God). As the Timbuk 3 song goes “...the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…”

As far as this photo goes. My wonderful wife came up with this idea and our friends, who own the Ohio Theatre, ran with it. How darn cool is that? I have a cool wife and cool friends. Now I’ll actually have time to be a friend again.

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The countdown begins...

For the past month everyone has been asking me if I have been counting down the days to finishing grad school. “Can you smell it?” and “Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?”

Until now the answer has been no.

Today, I think I’ll start. I’m down to my final projects in each class. While both will take a lot of time to complete, just having two assignments is something I can get my brain around.

Thus 17 days and counting…

That reminds me of the 1980s Japanese anime Star Blazers. The Star Blazers were trying to save the earth from radioactive destruction (long story) and they had only one year to make it across the galaxy and back with the antidote. At the end of each episode, the announcer would say. “There are only [xxx] days left… will they make it?”

Stay tuned…

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Degree audit

From my inbox today…

I have received your Application for Degree and have reviewed your transcripts. According to the records (after successful completion of [the classes] you are currently registered for) you are eligible to graduate in December 2006 with a Master of Library Science degree.

I can certainly deal with that.

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Finally finished my semester

I’m exhausted, but I’m finished with the semester. It’s been so bizarre that I am truely excited to escape with a pair of A-minus grades. [update: on my last assignment I expected an A, but instead got an A+. That put me within 0.4 of an A so my prof rounded me up. I won’t argue.]

Darlene’s still having a boat load of bad fatigue days and she ended up getting rabies shots afterall (it turned out there were too many dogs that looked alike). I’m still amazed that the week we had to search all over town for the dog I hardly had homework. Of course it piled on at the end of the semester like a tidal wave. To recuperate we’re taking the week off before I hit the books again next week.

But to cap off a weird semester we had a weird weekend.

First we were thinking of visiting the Lake Michigan coast and climb the sand bluffs, but it turned out our van needed brake work so we decided to skip the trip.

Thus, last Monday we got the brakes fixed. On Friday, on the way to my last class in Indy, our brakes broke. We were pulling into Greensburg, Indiana, (home of a courthouse with a tree growing out of the clock tower) when we heard a horrible metal against metal sound.

Amazingly there was a service station within a few hundred yards of where it happened. A good man looked at the brakes and found a bolt was improperly installed and it snapped. About 90 minutes later a better bolt was put in and he only charged us $35. I plan to go back to where I had it worked on and make sure everything is done right.

Because of the time lost dealing with the brakes and then getting stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home, I ended up working on my final project until 1:15 a.m.

The next morning we went to Louisville with friends and had a wonderful time. However, we came across an amazing phenomena—everything was closed because it was Derby Day. We wanted to go to Hidden Hill Nursery, but the Hills were out of town as their kid was graduating (no problem there). Then we went to the Frankfort Ave. neighborhood expecting to hit all the little shops, but they were all closed. We went to other shops in the St. Mathews neighborhood and they were all closed. We went out to suburbia and all the independent stores were closed! It was amazing, we had stumbled upon Louisville’s official city holiday.

Mind you, we went to a popular restaurant for dinner and we got right in because everyone was still at the Derby. As we were leavin the first sunburned Derby goers were just arriving.

Today we slept and slept.

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A reprieve before the crunch?

Well, we think we found the dog. It was a nearly a week before we managed to see the dog so Darlene’s memory is now fuzzy and she cannot be sure.

However, enough things fit together that our doctor believes Darlene doesn’t have to worry about rabies shots. One of the considerations is that our county has not had a case of domestical animal rabies in more than 16 years.

So that’s good.

I am hoping life will calm down for a while. Darlene needs a break and to be honest, so do I. I need time to jam for homework. With everything going on this semester, As are a lost cause, but I still hope to get a pair of A-minuses (as if that’s the end of the world ;0 )

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I'm in serious vacation mode

It seems about this time each semester my brain freezes and says it’s time for the next semester. I really should have chosen an grad school that does quarters, 16 weeks is just too long. Then again everyone told me it would be a marathon so who am I to complain now. In just over a month I’ll be 2/3 of the way toward my MLS.

I think my mistake was making plans for between semesters. My last class is over on Friday, May 5, and I start summer classes Friday, May 12. Over the short break Darlene and I decided to hit the beach. Mind you, we may be wearing sweats instead of swim suits as we’re thinking of visiting the western Michigan shore.

Our friends are telling us it’ll be cold up there. Our favorite southern belle is telling us to hit the gulf coast instead. “Brown sand, yuck! Visit the sugah beaches.” But I’m remembering the last time we went and were able to climb huge sand dunes.

We’ve been known to change our minds. A few Octobers ago, after visiting my mom in Buffalo, we had planned to camp in the Finger Lakes. We got there we heard the lows would dip into the 20s… so we headed south to the Delaware shore.

Mind you, I still think it’ll be a pretty time of year to go to Michigan. Holland will be having their annual Tulip Time Festival which is apparently one of the largest flower festivals in the country.

Sigh… I need to quit dreaming of sand dunes and think about my homework again…

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Website premieres

Last semester, as part of my Information Architecture class, I had to create a website for a “real client.”

Well yesterday, that project became a “real website” and is now serving the library where I work. There is still alot of work, but I’m really happy with how it is turning out.

Check it out over at and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is very welcome.

The website will also give me some serious writing duties on our new blog Library Buzz. There are a number of entries, but I’m still getting my sea legs with it. We’ll have library news and staff and patron reviews, but beyond that I’m still working it out. If anyone out there does a public library blog, let me know what all you include.

While you’re over at the site, feel free to vote in our library bee mascot naming contest. We held the first phase of the contest last month when we asked for name suggestions. We received more than 200 entries. The staff and director narrowed the list to six names and now everyone can vote. The finalists are Booker Bee, Libbee, Booksbee, Billie Bee, Bee A. Reader and Readmore.

Some day once the contest is over, I hope to get permission to publish the entire list because some of them are really wonderful, but didn’t make the cut for various reasons.

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