OK, so we won.

The AP just called the Virginia Senate race for Jim Webb. So we have the House and we now we have the Senate. OK, so that’s a nice way to cap an evening, but I have some gripes.

First, why does an election have to cost a billion bucks? Heck, the GOP popped a cool million just in the last week, just on this race trying to save Mike Sodrel in IN-09. What could we have done with a million dollars… hmmmm… how about fund a medium library for an entire year. Get the picture?

Second, we need to finish transforming the Democratic Party into a national party for the 21st century. The old school DC insiders still think they run the place, but they seem to want to ignore the fact that nearly all the upsets we got were from candidates who were not the choice of the insiders. Take John Yarmuth of Louisville who beat Ann Northrup. Yarmuth was like the third or fourth choice of the DC insiders. He was entirely unfunded by the nationals until a poll showed him leading right at the end.

These winners were all grassroots candidates. All of these candidates were extremely out spent, but still won. Why? The people in the district had already decided they were the right candidate to begin with. This is the wave of the future. If the DCCC had only listened to the locals it is very possible we could have won 40 seats instead of 30.

Nonetheless, what an election. The numbers are mind boggling. We won about 30 house seats, 6 Senate, 6 governors, 8 legislative chambers, 275 state legislature seats and we didn’t lose anything in the process. Go figure. That sounds like a total refutation of the right to me. We just might see a little bit of light on our fair nation. Wow.

Now it’s time to get to work. Obviously, we have a sinking, listing nation to right.

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You can't expect change unless you go vote and enact change

Even if you want to keep the status quo, you have to vote to maintain the status quo. Remember WE are the bosses and we cannot let anyone forget that! But the only way to do that is to

Go Vote! Go Vote! Go Vote! Go Vote!

You get the idea…

Go Vote! Go Vote! Go Vote! Go Vote!

We just did our civic duty! Let me tell you! It was very satisfying! Did you do yours?

Go Vote! Go Vote! Go Vote! Go Vote!

Actually, I’m disappointed with myself. The only thing I really managed to do was get a very large yard sign to put outside our building (There’s a busy gas station across the street). With grad school and Darlene going through surgeries, I knew it was going to be a rough fall, but I just kept hoping we’d get an opening. I’ll have to make up for the karma loss in the next several elections now won’t I?

Go Vote! Go Vote! Go Vote! Go Vote!

Update: I did manage to get out a bunch of Get out the vote emails to a lot of people in Indiana and Ohio. But still that was only 40 people. I know some people who spent days working to make this happen.

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IN-09: Sodrel... Pest Control...

We saw these signs together in Scottsburg, Indiana, today and laughed our heads off.

Sodrel and Pest Control signs

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NPR visits Madison, Indiana, to talk politics

NPR visited Madison last week to look at the latest political trend… folks living in rural spaces are, at least temporarily, bolting the Republican Party.

In past decades, rural areas have been distinctly red. Indeed, when the non-partisan Center for Rural Strategies poll showed rural areas split even between the parties it was considered a shocking poll. However, the October edition of the poll now shows the Democrats now picking up substantial rural support. This is indeed a rather interesting development that does not bode well for the Republicans this election. (note: links are pdf docs)

This in and of itself is news, but when National Public Radio covered this poll they visited a restaurant around the corner from where we live. Journalist Howard Berkes files a story where he interviewed patrons at Hammonds Family Restaurant on Main Street. Here’s a snippet:

Donna Saylor is a postal worker in Madison, Ind., a town on the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Louisville. She considers herself an independent voter who crosses party lines to vote for candidates she considers best. Rural independents have been important to the Republican majority in rural places in recent elections. Saylor won’t disclose her choice for the upcoming election, but she says health care costs and the war in Iraq are among her top issues.

“I’m not happy with the war,” Saylor notes, as she sips her morning coffee at Hammond’s Family Restaurant in Madison. “If Bush wants the war,” she adds, “send his family, too. You know, when he gets his family over there, maybe he’ll change his attitude.”

I couldn’t have said it any better. Her top concerns are exactly the same as mine.

I also find it interesting that Madison is getting into the news more often. It would take time to document, but Madison has been featured on public radio and in wire stories a number of times in the past couple of years.

Being a beautiful rivertown in the middle of the nation’s hottest Congressional race doesn’t hurt, but I suspect it goes beyond that. Visually, Madison is what many people think has been lost in America. In this case, a wonderful small diner on a old fashioned Main Street. You can’t get much more American than that.

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Just do it... (another commercial)

Yes, another commercial…

Right about now, I’m glad I don’t watch TV. As I mentioned, I don’t think I could stomach the slew of negative campaign commercials that are hitting the airwaves.

Yet here is another fun one on the net. This cracked us up. It’s sponsored by Women’s Voices. Women Vote.

We’re the Yarnetskys and we support this message.

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Demand answers... vote for change

You didn’t know my website had commercials did you?

I’m starting to see some of the political ads, mostly online, and many are really pretty awful. Along the lines of “a kindergartener could do better” awful. I heard somewhere that an estimated $2 billion will be spent on the midterm elections and for the most part it’s money wasted on junk that just makes us angrier at the politicians to begin with.

Yet, occasionally, there are some ads that actually speak to me and this is one of them.

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New IN-09 Poll: too close to call?

Survey USA has the Mike Sodrel-Baron Hill “rubbermatch” listed as too close to call with Hill up 48% to 46% which is well within the margin of error.

Other than a glimpse of a TV ad that called Hill “too liberal” (for those who’ve followed him he is a regular conservative Hoosier Democrat—hardly “liberal”), I have been largely out of the loop because of grad school. So I have no idea if this tightening is a reflection of the half-million buck the GOP has dumped into the district or if there is something else involved.

I did find the crosstabs somewhat interesting. The younger the voters, the better Baron Hill did.

Mind you a poll done just the week before has a better margin… Zogby has Hill up 46-38. Though I have not heard good things about Zogby polling so who knows…

Even with school and even with Darlene’s doctor’s appointments, I’ve must find some time to volunteer for this race or I’ll be angry with myself. Control of Congress is just too close to call. Go over to the Bring Back Baron website today.

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