Kiln down and up

We’ve held our open house the past two weekends and we survived in spite of ourselves. Our sales were lower than expected, but we would have been dead meat if they were high as we were not able to get pots out of our kiln for the past week—so it balances out.

We kept getting an “error one” on our kiln’s computer controller. That means one of three things—there’s an element dead, we’re not getting enough electrical draw or a relay is out.

The kiln was supposed to fire to 2200F and it died at 1750F. We let it cool and opened up the controller and there was a very loose wire so we started her up again. It died at 1750F again. So we called in an electrical engineer sort who was able to test to see if we were pulling enough amps and whether the relays were working.

It turned out one of the three relays died. Fortunately, our supplier in Cincinnati, Annie’s Mudpie Shop, carried the part and I made an emergency run to snag it yesterday. Our friend installed it today and it’s been running great. We are now within 20 degrees of a complete firing. Finally.

Mind you, the trip to Cinci also allowed Darlene to grab some chemicals and I got to stop at Half Price Books—I bought two manga (Oh My Goddess) and a anime DVD (Sherlock Hound), lightweight, but very fun.

Darlene’s going to check the kiln and I think it’ll be done for the first time in too long. Then we can crash ourselves.