We have a kiln room!

After long wait, Darlene finally has a kiln room to call her own!

For the past 18 months Darlene has shoehorned in her glazing and kilns into a room the size of a walk-in closet. A couple of times she was forced to glaze at the same time the kiln was running. Obviously the room was hot as hell. She quit that practice entirely when her arm barely bumped up against the kiln when it was around 1000F (not half the top temperature, but painful nonetheless).

Another room was available for use in our warehouse, but in order to liberate it we first had to finish the second floor of our warehouse (insulation, new flooring, drywall, etc). When we bought the building the warehouse roof was completely rotted through as was the flooring below. After displacing many a mushroom it is finally ready for use—and we get our kiln room.

There will be enough room for three kilns and we’ll more than double our firing capacity. Finally we’ll get a decent number of pots through.

Grad school week four is tomorrow. It’s Thursday night already? Where has this week flown? Making time to study has been harder than I thought, but I’m finding more of it as I get the distractions shoved aside. It sounds odd, but once I get into it, doing homework is almost peaceful. If you hear me say that as I prepare for my mid-term exam then you’ll know I’m in deep.