Website premieres

Last semester, as part of my Information Architecture class, I had to create a website for a “real client.”

Well yesterday, that project became a “real website” and is now serving the library where I work. There is still alot of work, but I’m really happy with how it is turning out.

Check it out over at and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is very welcome.

The website will also give me some serious writing duties on our new blog Library Buzz. There are a number of entries, but I’m still getting my sea legs with it. We’ll have library news and staff and patron reviews, but beyond that I’m still working it out. If anyone out there does a public library blog, let me know what all you include.

While you’re over at the site, feel free to vote in our library bee mascot naming contest. We held the first phase of the contest last month when we asked for name suggestions. We received more than 200 entries. The staff and director narrowed the list to six names and now everyone can vote. The finalists are Booker Bee, Libbee, Booksbee, Billie Bee, Bee A. Reader and Readmore.

Some day once the contest is over, I hope to get permission to publish the entire list because some of them are really wonderful, but didn’t make the cut for various reasons.