mjcpl.org... the first few days

I have been amazed with the response to our brand new library website.

Right out of the gate, people flooded us with purchase requests and questions. That is good.

Yet, a bunch of people kept asking the same question, how to log into their account. So it finally dawned on me to see if I had correctly written the instructions. So I went to the page describing how to use the system and…. (no surprise here)... the link was dead. aarrrgggghhh! So I fixed the link and I have not received the question again. Hey, you learn. You squash bugs and you learn.

I also learned about the extra line feeds Windows puts into text documents. Our web forms are driven by a perl script. Once I started receiving the boatload of mail from the site I realized I forgot to change the subject lines on the various versions. Thus the purchase requests, the ILL requests and the reference questions all looked the same. I went in to change the script and and Windows inserted extra line feeds. The scripts failed as a result and type 500 server errors were flying everywhere. Fortunately, Thursdays our tech guru comes to visit and showed me how to fix the problem. Thankfully, the fix was easy.

Meanwhile, the website received a front page article in our local paper. (Finally, I’m on the front page for something other than our historic district board of review). I also received an interesting mention from Thomson-Peterson’s Syndication for Higher Ed blog.

A library director from up river asked my director is she could hire me to do their website (too bad I can’t right now, that’s be fun).

Meanwhile, I took a peak at our bee naming contest results and it is indeed going to be a tight race.