An Old Possum's Podcast of Practical Cats

I just finished a homework assignment to create a “booktalk” for a juvenile or young adult poetry. I chose “The Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats,” which is one of my childhood favorites.

After I wrote the script, I decided to have a little fun and recorded it using a cheapy microphone and Apple’s GarageBand program. The process was fun and relatively easy.

The result is an audio file that comes in at 3 minutes flat. I’d call it a podcast, but if I understand correctly, a true podcast is downloadable via RSS 2.0.

Either way, if you have iTunes, you might try this link to the AAC version which comes in at 1.5mb:

Otherwise, here is the link to the mp3 file which is 3.4mb.

I figure a school media specialist can go into the classroom and throw out a couple booktalks to a captive audience. However, public libraries do not usuallly have that advantage. Thus in the 21st century we have to go where the kids are. I imagine kids, armed with mp3 players, just might be convinced to download the latest booktalks if we do a good enough job.

On my first attempt here I doubt mine would make the cut for some kid’s iPod, but in general we can always hope.