I'm in serious vacation mode

It seems about this time each semester my brain freezes and says it’s time for the next semester. I really should have chosen an grad school that does quarters, 16 weeks is just too long. Then again everyone told me it would be a marathon so who am I to complain now. In just over a month I’ll be 2/3 of the way toward my MLS.

I think my mistake was making plans for between semesters. My last class is over on Friday, May 5, and I start summer classes Friday, May 12. Over the short break Darlene and I decided to hit the beach. Mind you, we may be wearing sweats instead of swim suits as we’re thinking of visiting the western Michigan shore.

Our friends are telling us it’ll be cold up there. Our favorite southern belle is telling us to hit the gulf coast instead. “Brown sand, yuck! Visit the sugah beaches.” But I’m remembering the last time we went and were able to climb huge sand dunes.

We’ve been known to change our minds. A few Octobers ago, after visiting my mom in Buffalo, we had planned to camp in the Finger Lakes. We got there we heard the lows would dip into the 20s… so we headed south to the Delaware shore.

Mind you, I still think it’ll be a pretty time of year to go to Michigan. Holland will be having their annual Tulip Time Festival which is apparently one of the largest flower festivals in the country.

Sigh… I need to quit dreaming of sand dunes and think about my homework again…