Madison 4-11: A Landmark Day

Wow… I now live in a Nationall Historic Landmark!

The acting secretary of the interior was in town yesterday to give our absolutely wonderful historic district an upgrade… I now live in the Downtown Madison National Historic Landmark District!

Unlike Graceland, also named this year, we don’t have one house or one estate, we now have one of the nation’s largest (if not the largest) landmark districts with 144 blocks and 2,000 structures. With spring springing, this place is incredible. I’m so proud of this place and everyone who worked on this project. It is extremely well-deserved.

Our friends, both of whom worked long and hard on the designation, were joking they are thinking of writting “Madison NHL, IN 47250” on their mail from now on.

I’m heading off to a library conference today, so I can’t go into the wonderful details on how and why this honor, the highest in the nation, puts us on par with Savannah and Charleston.

Nor will I take a whole lot of time explaining how (or wondering why) the acting secretary of the interior called our wonderful small homes “shotgun shanties.”

I will leave you with the first of what I hope is many articles about our community from today’s Louisville Courier-Journal.

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