Finally finished my semester

I’m exhausted, but I’m finished with the semester. It’s been so bizarre that I am truely excited to escape with a pair of A-minus grades. [update: on my last assignment I expected an A, but instead got an A+. That put me within 0.4 of an A so my prof rounded me up. I won’t argue.]

Darlene’s still having a boat load of bad fatigue days and she ended up getting rabies shots afterall (it turned out there were too many dogs that looked alike). I’m still amazed that the week we had to search all over town for the dog I hardly had homework. Of course it piled on at the end of the semester like a tidal wave. To recuperate we’re taking the week off before I hit the books again next week.

But to cap off a weird semester we had a weird weekend.

First we were thinking of visiting the Lake Michigan coast and climb the sand bluffs, but it turned out our van needed brake work so we decided to skip the trip.

Thus, last Monday we got the brakes fixed. On Friday, on the way to my last class in Indy, our brakes broke. We were pulling into Greensburg, Indiana, (home of a courthouse with a tree growing out of the clock tower) when we heard a horrible metal against metal sound.

Amazingly there was a service station within a few hundred yards of where it happened. A good man looked at the brakes and found a bolt was improperly installed and it snapped. About 90 minutes later a better bolt was put in and he only charged us $35. I plan to go back to where I had it worked on and make sure everything is done right.

Because of the time lost dealing with the brakes and then getting stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home, I ended up working on my final project until 1:15 a.m.

The next morning we went to Louisville with friends and had a wonderful time. However, we came across an amazing phenomena—everything was closed because it was Derby Day. We wanted to go to Hidden Hill Nursery, but the Hills were out of town as their kid was graduating (no problem there). Then we went to the Frankfort Ave. neighborhood expecting to hit all the little shops, but they were all closed. We went to other shops in the St. Mathews neighborhood and they were all closed. We went out to suburbia and all the independent stores were closed! It was amazing, we had stumbled upon Louisville’s official city holiday.

Mind you, we went to a popular restaurant for dinner and we got right in because everyone was still at the Derby. As we were leavin the first sunburned Derby goers were just arriving.

Today we slept and slept.