A tragedy and a miracle

(From Darlene…)

Just a little over a week ago, I held our friends’ newborn son in my arms. He was less than two hours old. Proud Mom and Dad and seven year old sister all beaming happily. What a wonderfully cheering day that was!

Today the family narrowly avoided a tragedy. Our friend Hugh, the proud father, was working security for the local hydroplane race here – the Madison Regatta. Stationed at the Jefferson Street gate, he was just three feet from the the car that came screaming through the crowd and into the Ohio river.

As I searched for him along the riverfront today all I could think of was that little bundle in my arms not long ago, and that family that needs him. Hugh was there, right in the midst of it all. I hardly looked at the accident scene as I was led past it, so focused as I was at locating Hugh, so I could tell his wife he was safe. And Hugh was overwhelmed by the event as so many were. He saw it all and it was brutal.

I am thanking God for this family that is safely home together tonight. Others were not so fortunate and may our prayers be with them.