Let's be courteous and welcome the plutons

Pluto is still a planet ... and so is Ceres, Charon and Xena. A committee of the International Astronomical Union has proposed a new definition of planets that could bring in more than a dozen smaller planets to the solar system that they’re calling plutons.

It makes sense, Stern said, that there could be dozens of planets in the solar system. The discoveries in the Kuiper Belt have put Pluto in context, he said. “Pluto is no longer the misfit,” he said. “It is closer to average than the Earth.”

The news sent real estate prices skyrocketing on the eight major planets as Solians moved en mass trying to avoid the stigma of living on a pluton.

One buyer moved from Ceres to Mars after his Martian friends taunted him. “Before we were the king of the asteriod belt, now we’re a measly pluton. My friends harassed me saying I was nothing more than a backwater pluton hick. It was awful. I’ll miss Ceres, I so much liked small planet life.”