iTunes 7... Eureka!

Two recommendations in one.

First download Apple’s new version of iTunes. The fit and finish in this new version is quite good. First, they integrated cover art downloading for any CD (not just the ones you purchase from the iTunes Store). You can then “flip” through the images like you would flip through your CD cases in a drawer. It’s pretty slick.

Also, they upgraded the content on the iTunes Store. Yes, they’re now selling Disney movies, but equally importantly is they have upgraded the television shows. The width increased from 320 to 640 pixels wide which, with their latest codec, looks very good blown up to full screen on my laptop—close but not quite DVD quality. I’d be interested how it looked on a TV screen.

My iTunes test drive was the pilot for Sci-Fi network’s new show Eureka (this link will open up iTunes). That is my second recommendation. The acting is good and the story line is quirky and you can’t beat the price—free. I’m sold on the show and it will take some self control to not immediately buy the season.

In a nutshell, a U.S. Marshal transporting a young woman to L.A. gets lost and stumbles across a secret town where America’s scientific geniuses are socked away to live, work and sleep science. Instantly he is sucked into an investigation of missing boy that is really a question of space-time disintegration.

My favorite description of the show is that it’s a twist between Twin Peaks, Star Trek and the Andy Griffith Show.