New IN-09 Poll: too close to call?

Survey USA has the Mike Sodrel-Baron Hill “rubbermatch” listed as too close to call with Hill up 48% to 46% which is well within the margin of error.

Other than a glimpse of a TV ad that called Hill “too liberal” (for those who’ve followed him he is a regular conservative Hoosier Democrat—hardly “liberal”), I have been largely out of the loop because of grad school. So I have no idea if this tightening is a reflection of the half-million buck the GOP has dumped into the district or if there is something else involved.

I did find the crosstabs somewhat interesting. The younger the voters, the better Baron Hill did.

Mind you a poll done just the week before has a better margin… Zogby has Hill up 46-38. Though I have not heard good things about Zogby polling so who knows…

Even with school and even with Darlene’s doctor’s appointments, I’ve must find some time to volunteer for this race or I’ll be angry with myself. Control of Congress is just too close to call. Go over to the Bring Back Baron website today.