Worst October storm ever... poor Buffalo

Thunder, lightning and snow and now rain and melt-off flooding. Tens of thousands of damaged trees, 390,000 out of power including 70% of Buffalo. The earliest lake-effect snow ever, the snowiest October storm ever and the sixth worst 24-hour snow fall in Buffalo history. I’m hearing the damage is similar to a hurricane or a severe ice storm, the trees were just mowed down.

The place is a disaster area. Poor Buffalo. Here is the latest news from my hometown

This snow was heavier than usual Buffalo snows. Not only were the leaves still on the trees, but the snow was twice as heavy. No wonder so many trees couldn’t hold on.

For a more typical December lake-effect snowstorm with a 25:1 snow-to-liquid-equivalent ratio, 22.6 inches of snow would weigh 4.7 pounds per square foot. However, for relatively wet lake-effect snow like during this event, which had approximately a 12” snow to 1” liquid ratio, 22.6 inches of wet snow weighs 9.8 pounds per square foot!

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Hey, at least the Buffalo Sabres are still unbeaten.