Google Reader beats Bloglines

After trying about every web-based feed reader on the market I kept coming back to Bloglines as fast and efficient (albeit it with an ugly shade of blue). Speed was the biggest reason—if I wanted to wait for pages to load, I would have visited the website to begin with. Indeed, several readers did just that—load the original website in the article pane once you’ve select an article. It should not work that way.

However, Google’s new revised reader is even better and this time I’m not going back. Other than an inability to sort the feeds I have found Google Reader to be fast and friendly. I like easily switching between list and expanded mode as there are some feeds I skim and others I read. I can also sharing my favorite read on my site here.

It’s amazing how many Google products I’m now using and they all just work—Gmail, calendar, reader. I’ve also played with their office suite. It can’t replace Word (no header/footer that I noticed), but for general or collaborative writing in multiple locations, it looks promising.