OK, so we won.

The AP just called the Virginia Senate race for Jim Webb. So we have the House and we now we have the Senate. OK, so that’s a nice way to cap an evening, but I have some gripes.

First, why does an election have to cost a billion bucks? Heck, the GOP popped a cool million just in the last week, just on this race trying to save Mike Sodrel in IN-09. What could we have done with a million dollars… hmmmm… how about fund a medium library for an entire year. Get the picture?

Second, we need to finish transforming the Democratic Party into a national party for the 21st century. The old school DC insiders still think they run the place, but they seem to want to ignore the fact that nearly all the upsets we got were from candidates who were not the choice of the insiders. Take John Yarmuth of Louisville who beat Ann Northrup. Yarmuth was like the third or fourth choice of the DC insiders. He was entirely unfunded by the nationals until a poll showed him leading right at the end.

These winners were all grassroots candidates. All of these candidates were extremely out spent, but still won. Why? The people in the district had already decided they were the right candidate to begin with. This is the wave of the future. If the DCCC had only listened to the locals it is very possible we could have won 40 seats instead of 30.

Nonetheless, what an election. The numbers are mind boggling. We won about 30 house seats, 6 Senate, 6 governors, 8 legislative chambers, 275 state legislature seats and we didn’t lose anything in the process. Go figure. That sounds like a total refutation of the right to me. We just might see a little bit of light on our fair nation. Wow.

Now it’s time to get to work. Obviously, we have a sinking, listing nation to right.