Yes, I'm still alive

I find it amazing that I have blogged only once all winter, but life is just busy.

Long story short is the last two months of 2006 were a whirlwind of finishing grad school and taking care of my dear Darlene who survived two back-to-back surgeries. (nothing serious, gall bladder, etc.). The first three months of 2007 have been an effort to pick up the pieces.

The analogy we’ve been using is that we rode out the storm and were so happy when it ended. Then we started looking around at all the damage that was done in the process. Boy what an absolute mess. I think the shock took a solid month to wear off.

Some of the clean up work has been on our c.1840 building. We spent an ungodly amount of time patching up the old plaster walls so we could paint our living room (it’s now a deep burnt orange). Cleaning and painting Darlene’s studio is next on the list so she can get back to making pots for the first time in nearly 16 months.

Sprinkle in a great visit from my mom, joining the YMCA so we can get back into some sort of shape, attending a national clay conference, figuring out taxes (tracking medical expenses is such a joy), doing some web work for a friend, trying to figure out how to get the pottery going again and we’ve just been busy.

We’re still trying to get things in order and figure out the “future” but it is good to have a life again. Nonetheless I’ll tell you one thing, they should give new graduates detox sessions. I’m just glad I didn’t have to find a job to boot.