A Brit look at the Derby

The Times of London takes a look at the Kentucky Derby as attended by the Queen of England.

The Times ventured [into the infield] before the big race, struggling to make progress through an obstacle course of beer bellies. “This ain’t about racing over here,” one man, wearing more tattoos than clothes, said. “This is about drinking beer.” It was said with great affability, even courtesy. It is another difference between Kentucky and Ascot; no one, not even the course stewards and the policemen, are anything but polite and helpful. Even the drunks don’t, on the whole, cause offence. [sic]

I’m not surprised. Louisville is nothing if not a pleasing and polite city and the Derby is a celebration not a drunk night out. Of the eight metro areas within three hours of here, Louisville is definitely our favorite.

Darlene and I do our picks for fun based entirely by horse name. Our favorite name this time, “Storm in May,” finished 16th I think. If I actually had to place a bet I’d probably have won some money as I liked Street Sense and Curlin, but I’ve never bet on horses and wonder if I ever will.

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