My wife walks into a bar...

For some people this phrase would either be the start of a joke or simply not news at all. But for my wife, an ardent anti-smoker who doesn’t drink, this is news and I listened quietly when she said… “I forgot to tell you, I walked into a bar today.”

We have a bar up the street from us. This bar is currently advertising a “drunken chicken hoedown party.” A month or so ago it had a “Daisy Duke and Hot Buns Contest.” You get the idea. It’s not a bad establishment really, but it adds an element of humor thinking of Darlene walking into this place.

Apparently, this morning she walked up the street to our bank on the corner and, en route, she saw a glass beer stein sitting on the sidewalk in front of the bar. It was very broken, very jagged and very sharp.

On the way back from the bank, the bar had just opened, but the broken stein was still there.

“So I walked into the bar with the beer stein in my hand and said ‘Someone could get hurt with this.’ Everyone just stopped and stared at me. The look on everyone’s face with me with this sharp, jagged, broken beer stein in my hand.”

Only after a very pregnant pause did she bother to explain that the broken stein was found sitting on the sidewalk in front of their establishment. She asked the barkeep if he could throw it away, she petted the bar dog and walked out the door.

“I never thought I’d have the opportunity to walk into a bar with a line like that. The reaction alone made my day!” she said.