I nearly had a bat to the head

I’m suddenly not as tired as I was 10 minutes ago.

I was just turning out the lights at my bedside when I heard a loud “thwak” and something shot past my face.

Stunned, I flipped on the lights and looked around trying to figure out what just happened. I finally looked down and on my bedside table was one dead bat with a deep mark across his head.

We’ve had bats swoop through from time to time (we have a conveniently porous 160+year-old building), but it never struck me that one would meet its end by flying into our ceiling fan. The speed at which the good-sized bat flew past me, death must have been instant.

What can I say, the fan is on high as the days are in the upper 90s. The fan is a Hunter, but I never thought of taking the brand-name seriously.