Great vacation, photos coming...

Darlene and I just returned from a vacation in Buffalo, New York. We went to visit my mom, which would have been wonderful anywhere, but the three of us had a blast because Buffalo is such a great town.

The city has it’s problems — notably high taxes and deterioration in some parts of town due to de-population. Yet Buffalo is chock full of arts, culture, architecture and food!

Some examples…

  • Buffalo has more Frank Lloyd Wright than any city outside of Chicago.
  • Elmwood Village was named one of the 10 greatest neighborhoods in the country by the American Planning Association. It’s full of Victorian homes, great restaurants and cool indy stores and galleries (I found a cool hemp messenger bag here).
  • The Albright-Knox Art Gallery has probably the second best contemporary art collections in the county.
  • They have the best grocery stores in Buffalo— Wegmans, Dash’s and the Lexington Co-op Market.

That said, here are some photos I posted on Flickr.

Unfortunately, I quickly ran into their free account limits and don’t have $25 to go unlimited at this moment. So I’m slowly working on uploading larger galleries on my photos page. This will happen more quickly once I figure out my photo uploader.

Disclaimer: I grew up in Buffalo, but after all the “eeeww Buffalo” I’ve heard over the years, I am truly amazed at how fun it was to visit.

Finally… For those wondering where I disappear to for weeks on end, I’ve just been busy with life. We managed to get Darlene’s studio re-opened for the first time in two years and I’ve been moonlighting doing work for a web designer in town. When the day is done, I just haven’t been in the mood to blog. It’s kind of like exercise, when I get into a rhythm it happens. If I quit for a couple of days all hell breaks lose.