Our library's Christmas party...

I just came back from our library’s annual Christmas party. Of course we do the Secret Santa thing.

Our staff always exchanges fun stuff because they’re all creative and many share handmade gifts. Actually, I was probably the worst gift giver of the bunch. I did my shopping two hours before the dinner (but hey, at least I did do my own shopping).

Either way when I opened my gift I laughed my head off. I told everyone what I received but no one got it. Of course they wouldn’t — it was the ultimate geek gift.

It was a geek gift because our network/hardware guru got my name. Andre’s great to work with because he knows everything I don’t so we usually manage some serious damage as a result. But he gets brownie points for thoughtfulness.

So what is this awesome geek gift — an original Bondi Blue 233ghz G3 Apple iMac. It’s a landmark computer that changed how computers were sold. From the moment Apple introduced the computer design mattered. Arguably, it’s the computer that saved Apple Inc.

But what had me laughing so hard? He had installed Debian Linux on the puppy!

Admittedly, that almost an inside joke. I’m doing a presentation on open source software in April and now I have my very own Linux box to play with. It’ll be a blast to see what I can manage to do with this old computer.