We've been Ike-d

Madison got hit hard (by our standards) by the remnants of Hurrican Ike as it came up through the Midwest. Weird storm. As best as I can tell, the area north and west of the former eye got rain and the areas south and east got hurricane force gusts.

We had the library open for a couple hours. Power kept going on and off, but we stayed open until the power gave up the ghost at 2:30. I came home and we could literally feel our building shake in the wind.

More than a million customers lost power in the region. 650,000+ in Cincinnati, 275,000 in Louisville and 150,000+ in southern Indiana and thousands just beyond the Ohio Valley (Lexington and Indy). I read the number was more than 15,000 just here in Madison.

After the hours of winds finally passed, but before we realized we were under a category 1 state of emergency, we went out to take photos of property owned by our out-of-town friend’s.

Here are some of the photos we took of damage around downtown Madison.

Most of the damage was roofs peeling off and trees hitting homes. Pretty ugly for us (though obviously nothing compared to what the coasts experience in hurricanes).

Here’s the article from the Madison Courier on the storm

The last 10 or so photos in the set are of our property. We lost about a third of our roof shingles. The parapet wall cap on our warehouse came down in a shower of tile — we are SO glad no one got hit by them. Darlene’s Mudcat Pottery sign came down and slammed into and shattered one of the front windows.

Darlene was in the back of the building when it happened. She peeked out and saw the sign was hanging to the guywires and bopping into the building. With help of passing strangers, they managed to hold onto the sign in gale winds until and our neighbor (the sign creator) came to help take it down. The whole time they were being peppered with debris flying down the street.

If I had done something like that, I think Darlene (who ushers us into the basement at every tornado warning) would have yelled at me for being out in a storm. Nonetheless, she easily saved a good chunk of our store front. (I missed it all as I was still at the library. I was floored when she called to tell me).

It’s bizarre. Because we’re right in the middle of the business district, we were in the first group of people to regain power. We lost power at 1:30pm yesterday and came back on at 10:30am today. At first I was giddy, but now I actually feel guilty for having power because some people in our county won’t get power until the end of the week.

Nonetheless I’m feeling blessed. A neighbor of a friend had a tree fall on their house and they didn’t have insurance. The wife has MS and the husband works at an office shop, they just couldn’t afford it. To add insult and injury to injury, they were walking home down Main Street during the storm when a 5lb. bucket of roofing glue blew off a room. The bucket itself missed them, but the glue did not.

I equally feeling blessed because I just looked at our policy and we have a $500 deductible. No wonder our insurance costs so much. (I didn’t know, Darlene worked out the policy and even she couldn’t remember what she ordered).

I’m now glad for the low deductible because we got our first estimate— the roofing repairs alone will cost $2,400. We don’t have estimates for the glass or sign work yet. I checked with our local brick place and he’d never even seen parapet cap tile (apparently called coping) and had no idea where to find any let alone getting an estimate. I’m going to send a photo of the coping to the state historic preservation organization to see if they’ve seen a supplier anywhere.

We’re not expecting rain any day soon, but a friend who does contracting work brought around the roofing company he works with to put a tarp up on our roof.

This evening we’re just cleaning. Darlene cleaned up the studio and found glass everywhere. We were stupid and left our kitchen window open and there’s stuff everywhere.

Nonetheless, I’m feeling really blessed right now.