Waiting for the adjuster

Darlene’s getting impatient waiting for the insurance adjuster to show up so we can proceed with permanent repairs. So I called the adjuster’s company this morning to double check on the process. Their answer? Even though the insurance company told me Tuesday they were referring us to the adjuster… the adjuster does not have our claim on its records.

We’re just going to go ahead with the window repairs and hope they cover it. If not… oh well. With the damage so wide spread, I’m not really surprised we haven’t seen the adjuster, but I thought we’d at least be on the list. Go figure…

We have about half the estimates and we’re already looking at a few thousand in repairs. If this all had happened in any other fashion — say a drunk from the bar down the street being thrown through our window (it’s happened in this town) — I’d have stressed up a storm. With this, all I can do is shrug my shoulders. It’s just not a big deal compared to everyone else. I’m stunned over how many of my friends, coworkers and patrons have had serious damage to their homes.

My coworker who had a tree fall on their brand new-built home had a sense of humor about it. She showed me pictures of their cat hanging out from the now exposed attic rafters. “Boy you guys should have done this in the first place,” she said putting words into their cat’s mouth. The next photo, of course, was of their son climbing on the fallen tree. Boys… trees… what can you say.

Then there are the folks who still don’t have power— one family only lives three blocks down the street from us and they’re still out. The apartments across the street from their house had power. I asked them a couple nights ago if they were jealous having power so close yet so far. “No, they were pretty rowdy last night when they didn’t have power. so I’m glad they got it first.” That night they had a small bon-fire in their back yard with wood they helped up up in the neighborhood.

For us, this week’s been more cleanup. For the glass company to replace the window we had to dispose of the broken glass and clear the area around the window. Some prior owner had built display area in front of the window so I had to wrench it apart (it was a cheesy thing made of 2×4s. It was satisfying to take a hammer to it).

The process of getting all the broken glass out of the window was challenging. I now have a bit of empathy for my dentist when he couldn’t get my stupid wisdom tooth out of my jaw a couple years ago.

Finally I took more than a dozen boxes of broken coping tile, glass and a fridge and freezer full of food to the dump.

The last few days I’ve heard from a lot patrons at the library about being without power and having trees on their homes. I could obviously tell there was some definite stress, but oddly what made people the most growly was having to throw away a fridge and freezer full of food.

Tossing those bags… yep, that was the worst of it. Maybe having a freezer full of food is like a security blanket.