I just can't add the sheep to our collection...

We have some cool patrons who donate DVDs to the library.

For the most part, I add them to our video collection or use them as backup disks for that inevitable moment when our current copy gets scratched into binary oblivion.

But here’s one I received last week…

On the back cover of the DVD case, there’s a photo of this sweet-looking fluffy white sheep with a bloody, dismembered foot in his mouth. The teaser states “There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand… and they’re pissed off!”

I really dislike horror flicks, but for some demented reason, this made me laugh out loud. I guess the sheer chutzpah of making horror funny is funny in and of itself. (Yes, pun intended).

The movie is called Black Sheep and, for a B-movie-slasher flick, it’s received decent reviews. In a nutshell, geneticly-altered zombie sheep go on the rampage and the sheep-phobic protagonist is stuck in the middle of the carnage— all this with a sick sense of humor.

Horror is definitely a shortcoming in our library’s video collection, but when I flipped the case over and saw a sheep try to take a bite off someone’s head…

Well, of course… it was the “unrated” version. Definitely no go.

What the heck could make a horror movie “unrated” and who could possibly want to watch or film something so gory that it couldn’t pull an R-rating?

Oh well. Again, I just don’t get horror, but at least for a moment it had me laughing.