Fresh from my web foundry

My latest web project just went live yesterday. I’ve been creating a new website with the Switzerland County Public Library in the adorable rivertown of Vevay, Indiana.

The director is getting a bunch of her patrons and friends to beta test it, but I thought I’d toss it out to anyone reading this blog.

Leave a comment — tell me the good, the bad, the ugly, suggestions and any bugs you might encounter. Yes, it might look a little weird in Internet Explorer… I’m working on that.

There’s more content coming down the pike such as more local history-genealogy, community events and children services stuff, but we’ve gotten it to the point it works and can be useful to their patrons.

I’ve been also working on an update to my library’s website. It’s making progress, but I still have a lot of work to do— especially graphically and debugging the site on MS Internet Exploder.