The incredible edible egg?

My father-in-law, reading through a copy of Consumer Reports, passed along the nugget that you can eat eggs 3 to 5 weeks after the carton’s stamped expiration date— so long as they’re not cracked and properly refrigerated.

Darlene and I responded. “Wow. Really?”

To underline the concept, he told us an interesting story.

He was serving KP duty on a troop-cargo ship carrying 6,000 Puerto Rican infantry troops to the Korean War.

The menu that day was scrambled eggs. “That’s all we had was scrambled eggs.”

As he was cracking, he found they were all green. Put them all in, the head cook said, “they won’t hurt anyone.”

Really? Challenging him, my father-in-law noted the date stamped on the cartons.

They’ve been in cold storage at the right temperature and humidity — they’ll last forever, he was told.

He did as he was ordered. But still it was 1950 and the eggs were stamped 1935.

Maybe 3 to 5 weeks isn’t crazy after all.