Duck, Duck, Egyptian Goose?

We definitely have been enjoying the milder weather. I’m biking to work again and Darlene’s out walking the riverfront daily. After a said walk, she reported to me there was a pretty neat bird skulking along with our local flock of mallards, Canada geese and other domestic fowl that like hanging out where people toss free food.

As it hit 60 today, we took the camera for some birding. Lo and behold, there was a pretty neat bird sitting on the banks of the Ohio.

Egyptian goose

What’s weird however, is this bird, an Egyptian Goose, does not belong here. It’s not even in a migratory pattern through here. It’s supposed to be living in the Nile valley, the sub-Sahara or Western Europe. While common in Africa, it’s a sacred bird in Egypt.

Where this Egyptian Goose came from is anyone’s guess. There’s good odds it has escaped from a zoo or private collection.

Maybe he’s slowly working its way down the Ohio to Cairo, Ill., thinking its heading to Cairo, Egypt, on the Nile.

Hey, it’s name starts with my initials and we found it “on the rivers edge” so for now he’s my website mascot.