A candidate visits

Darlene was downstair wrapping up her pots for the night (she lets them dry as long as she can before wrapping them up) when a couple was intently looking in the window.

She didn’t want to be rude, so she invited them in.

Low and behold, it was the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Marvin Scott. He’s a really nice guy and him and his wife likes Darlene’s favorite pots.

We had a nice conversation, including politics and pots obviously. I asked him to consider repealing portions of the Patroit Act that allow searches of library and bookstore records (I couldn’t resist).

They wanted to buy one of Darlene’s sculptures, but they have an 8-year-old at home who had earlier broken a piece of pottery from Peru. They appear to have settled on a box vase and may return for it tomorrow.

Mr. Scott has been campaigning around Indiana like crazy in a rather uphill battle against the incumbent Democrat U.S. Senator Evan Bayh. He attended the Jefferson County Republican Women’s annual ice cream social tonight which was held two blocks away along the riverfront.

Again, really nice folks. He’s a sociology professor at Butler and his wife teaches at Anderson U. For anyone interested, here’s his campaign website. (See I’m not such a die hard Democrat that I won’t give a nice guy a weblink, I’ll just make my own voice heard at the polls).