New rack cards arrived

My biggest grin today was seeing a project come to fruition.

I’ve been slowly working on a full-color 4”x9” rack card for Darlene. Rack cards are a great networking/marketing tool for a small town. If a tourist gets to one business and a rack card catches their eye, they’ll often visit that business.

I’ve made two assumptions. 1) All the cards in town are mono-tone. If they see color, they’ll react. 2) A person seeing the words Mudcat Pottery may not understand what it it. Is it paint-your-own? Do they sell ceramic supplies? However, if they see a beautiful pot in full color, again they’ll react.

Basically, her work speaks for itself and I wanted to convey just that. Combine these thoughts and I think spending a few extra bucks for full color will result in more traffic and sales.

Either way, the cards arrived today and they look absolutely wonderful. If we don’t get an uptick after I get these things distributed I’ll eat these rack cards.

We worked through a company called that specializes in printing full color printing on both sides and makes it affordable by putting multiple jobs on the press at the same time. They call it gang printing. The big upside is you’re sharing the cost with other clients and can get cheap prices. The downside is there can be variations in color on the job. I haven’t looked through the whole box, but the ones on top are beautifully printing and high grade glossy stock. I’m extremely pleased with how they turned out. We bought 2,500 of them and even with shipping we spent less than $300 or about 11.7 cents each. You can hardly get a black and white photocopy for that.

I can’t wait to get them around town. They are very classy, but they say “wow” and I can’t wait to get the feedback. Yes, I admit it. I’m looking forward to an ego feeding. Darlene’s pot looks awesome and the card looks awesome.