New photo page on the river's edge

My opportunity for futzing with my website is coming to an end. My online class starts Wednesday, Darlene has some appointments and sinus surgery coming up this week and I have class on Friday in Indy. Thus, no more futzing.

Either way, my latest futz is a new photo page that falls within the template of the overall blog. Before the galleries were off site. I’m not entirely happy with the results, but it’s not bad. Creating the gallery is simple. The photos, on the other hand, take forever to prep. I’m just thinking there is an easier way of doing it.

The first two galleries are from a recent weekend getaway to New Harmony, Indiana.

So why are you still here? Go over to my new photo page.

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Degree audit

From my inbox today…

I have received your Application for Degree and have reviewed your transcripts. According to the records (after successful completion of [the classes] you are currently registered for) you are eligible to graduate in December 2006 with a Master of Library Science degree.

I can certainly deal with that.

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Bloody brilliant!

Well, classes ended for the summer last Saturday and since then I’ve watched more television than I have in the past year.

I ordered the new Doctor Who season one for the library and have been previewing it. I’ll tell you right off that the show is bloody brilliant and we’re hooked.

The classic sci-fi show was a staple on BBC from the 60s to the 80s. It was low budget camp, but affectionately good. They let it die a graceful death, but last year the BBC resurrect the series. I had heard that it was good—reruns have been showing on the Sci-Fi Channel But it is a lot better than I had expected. It’s close enough to the original that people will recognize the series, but it is so much better. It’s campy and humorous yet really great sci-fi. Highly recommended.

Equally brilliant…

...was Ned Lamont’s victory of Joe Lieberman. While I was glad to see Joe go down, there is more to the victory that I like. I like that candidates who are being outspent 2:1 and 3:1 are still winning. Jon Tester in Montana, Jim Webb in Virginia and now Ned Lamont in Conneticut all won against heavily financed opponents.

Instead of winning through sheer expenditure of money they are winning by standing for something and organizing real people at the grassroots level.

America needs to keeps its collective eye on this trend as it could corrupt our current system of government. It’s really beginning to smack of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

It’s truly a subversive concept.

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Oooh.. really graceful

The GOP just amazes me. They’re always wanting clean up or down votes on their issues, but they won’t give 15 million American workers a clean up or down vote on the minimum wage.

No, instead they say we’ll give you a couple of bucks in minimum wage, but only if you give multi-millionaires yet another juicy tax break that will cost the nation $800 billion over the next decade when we are already drowning in red ink.

Really graceful guys.

Mind you, I’m not much more graceful today.

It’s hard to describe, but I mount my bicycle on a moving start. Today, however, I didn’t realize the chain had come off and when I went to step on the peddle the bike offered no resistance or forward movement. Thus I flipped over the bike into the street just as an 18-wheeler was coming through the intersection.

Other than a scraped knee and feeling sore I’m fine, but a truck (even one that is moving slowly as he saw me flip) is scary looking from asphalt level.

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A tragedy and a miracle

(From Darlene…)

Just a little over a week ago, I held our friends’ newborn son in my arms. He was less than two hours old. Proud Mom and Dad and seven year old sister all beaming happily. What a wonderfully cheering day that was!

Today the family narrowly avoided a tragedy. Our friend Hugh, the proud father, was working security for the local hydroplane race here – the Madison Regatta. Stationed at the Jefferson Street gate, he was just three feet from the the car that came screaming through the crowd and into the Ohio river.

As I searched for him along the riverfront today all I could think of was that little bundle in my arms not long ago, and that family that needs him. Hugh was there, right in the midst of it all. I hardly looked at the accident scene as I was led past it, so focused as I was at locating Hugh, so I could tell his wife he was safe. And Hugh was overwhelmed by the event as so many were. He saw it all and it was brutal.

I am thanking God for this family that is safely home together tonight. Others were not so fortunate and may our prayers be with them.

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Noisy streets

It’s Regatta time here in Madison. It’s a time when partying seems to escape the usual Friday-Saturday night block.

Thursday features a battle of the bands on the riverfront and people loiter for hours thereafter. I have no real problem with it really, every town deserves to party. I just wish it was quiet enough on our corner to sleep.

As Darlene says “a water balloon is sounding really nice.” I’d prefer a rain storm personally.

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It's summer...

This is the first summer we’re observing Daylight Saving Time here in the Hoosier state and having not experienced the phenomena for more than a dozen years I must say that it is rather strange to have it light out after 9 p.m. However, I really like the extra hour of darkness in the morning and it postpones the heat of the day by an hour.

Snippets from a hectic life here on the river’s edge…

I just finished my first summer class last week and another class is starting up on July 1. In two dozen weeks I will be done.

Our good friends Ellen and Hugh had a very good looking child yesterday—William Boyd at approx. 20” and 7.65lbs. Yes they’re weighing in decimals these days. This is the first time I saw a newborn when age was being counted in hours and not days or months. Meanwhille we’ve been watching William’s older sister on and off for the last few days as mom is in the hospital. Big sister is a good egg.

Darlene has finally had a migraine-free day after what seems like a million day. We hope this functioning brain is a new trend.

I added a new mascot to my repertoire. So far I’ve been Cat in the Hat, Froggy and now Curious George. Of course the minute I came into the library auditorium a kid starts crying. I admit that a 6-foot-4 monkey can be intimitating (the costume adds a few inches to my 6-foot frame). A parent told me afterward that the mom was telling the kid as she was dragging him from the room…”It’s just some guy in a costume, what are you so upset about.” Of course the library staff is now teasing me that I terrified a kid. sheesh…

I’m going to have to shave off part of my beard for the first timie in more than a dozen years as I have to have a mole taken off my jaw. So now I’ll have to look at my chubby cheeks even more (they talk about the Freshman 15 I’ve gain the grad school 15)... oh well.

Lobbying government can indeed work. Darlene and I along with a few others successfully lobbied city parks board to keep Crystal Beach Pool open in the evenings and I helped get a change in our county’s health policy. To bad I can’t get our reps and senators to listen to us.

Later gaters…

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