I hope you like green...

Yes, you’re still on the river’s edge, I’ve just been messing around with the colors.

I’m definitely not done, but I like the concept. I’d like to give the background more depth and the text colors need work.

That said, what do you think so far? Yes, you may say “the design is so 2001” or other such slams.

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Let's be courteous and welcome the plutons

Pluto is still a planet ... and so is Ceres, Charon and Xena. A committee of the International Astronomical Union has proposed a new definition of planets that could bring in more than a dozen smaller planets to the solar system that they’re calling plutons.

It makes sense, Stern said, that there could be dozens of planets in the solar system. The discoveries in the Kuiper Belt have put Pluto in context, he said. “Pluto is no longer the misfit,” he said. “It is closer to average than the Earth.”

The news sent real estate prices skyrocketing on the eight major planets as Solians moved en mass trying to avoid the stigma of living on a pluton.

One buyer moved from Ceres to Mars after his Martian friends taunted him. “Before we were the king of the asteriod belt, now we’re a measly pluton. My friends harassed me saying I was nothing more than a backwater pluton hick. It was awful. I’ll miss Ceres, I so much liked small planet life.”

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Wow! Lust factor=10

This is a sports car I would love to own.

bas Lightbox

The Tesla Roadster does 0-60 in 4 seconds, top speed 130mph and—get this—zero emissions.

It’s a high-performance electric car that you plug in at night. Full charge in 3.5 hours, 200 to 250 mile range, 135 miles per gallon equivalent, 1 cent a mile. Not bad at all, but this is what makes it drool worthy ...

“You see any cops?” Eberhard asks, shooting me a mischievous look. The car is vibrating, ready to launch. I’m the first journalist to get a ride. He releases the brake and my head snaps back. One-one-thousand: I get a floating feeling, like going over the falls in a roller coaster. Two-one-thousand: The world tunnels, the trees blur. Three-one-thousand: We hit 60 miles per hour. Eberhard brakes. We’re at a standstill again—elapsed time, nine seconds. When potential buyers get a look at the vehicle this summer, it will be among the quickest production cars in the world.

It’s amazing what you can do with 6,831 lithium-ion cells.

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Dull little boxes...shiny new computers

Today’s MacWorld Expo brought Macs using Intel chips six months earlier than Apple CEO Steve Jobs said they would. We now have a fun little commercial heralding the occasion.

for years Intel chips have been stuck in dull little boxes doing dull little tasks…

Oooh. Ain’t them fighting words….

Early rumors/guesses were that the low-end computers would be the first to see the Intel chips. Indeed, I was convinced Apple was going to release a new low-end laptop to replace the iBook. Instead Steve pulled a rabbit out of his hat and released a “screamer”—the MacBook Pro

This puppy has a 1.83ghz Intel Core Duo chipset that when combined with faster front side bus and RAM is allegedly more than four times faster than my 12” PowerBook G4 1.33ghz that’s only a year old.

Then there are the little things… the super-bright 1440×900 15.4 inch screen, the built-in iSight video camera, the backlit keyboard that adjusts with ambient light, the ExpressCard/34 slot that no one seems to know what it’s used for and the power cord that attaches magnetically so you never have to worry about someone tripping over the cord and pulling your laptop with it. Heck it even has a silly little remote so you could use the MacBook as a portable entertainment center. Actually, I wonder if the remote could be used for Powerpoint/Keynote presentations—that’d be cool.

I’m hopeless. I’m having a serious case of computer envy here. I absolutely love my Powerbook and it’s portability. However, I lust over the MacBook speed and pixels. How come I get the feeling I’m watching an adorable girl walk down the street? I’m feeling guilty for thinking about the MacBook Pro while typing on my Powerbook. Is this cheating?

All joking aside, I won’t be able to get one for an eon anyway, so there will probably be additional models to complicate any future decision. And that really is a “good thing” as it gives the world plenty of time to figure out whether the transition to Intel is smooth or the perfect storm that I can readily sit out.

Either way this should be fun to watch.

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One more thing...

It’s always fun to guess what Apple has up its sleeve when they call a press conference. They are always secretive and that only amplifies the fun.

Here are the rumors…

*Color Changing Macs/iPods

*Madonna iPod nano…in pink

*Airport Express AV

*Movie Downloads from iTunes

*Various computer and iPod updates

*Mac Tablet

*Video iPod

*Black Pentium Powered Mac Laptop

I personally like the notion of an iPod or iBook case that changes color depending on the light. Apple received a patent for the design a year ago and it’d be neat to see it developed, but others doubt it’ll be tomorrow.

So what are the odds of any of this? Apple Matters decided to handicap the event. It’s a fun read if you’re a macaddict like me.

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Resurrection... actually replacement

Well Saturday I went to the Apple Store in Indianapolis with my dead 4G 40gb iPod in hand.

I signed up to speak with the Genius Bar genius, then shared the gospel of the Mac with my nephew who had tagged along for the ride. While he played with the Mac mini, I scoped out the iPod nano which is indeed impossibly thin by the way.

The place was packed, but there was a good ratio of staff to perusers. My nephew, being a Linux fiend, of course asked if he could run his favorite flavor of Linux on a Mac. Yes, he could, the Mac guy said, but why bother with Linux when Mac OSX is based on UNIX as well. He still wanted his Linux. I probably could have conned him into it, but the staff had wisely cut off access to the terminal.

Finally, my turn came and I handed the genius the iPod telling him to put the iPod to his ear. He heard the whirrr and clunk and immediately said…”Yep, it’s the hard drive. Let me check your warrenty information and get you a new one.”

Within minutes I had a new iPod in hand. Actually, I suspect it was more like a reconditioned iPod, but who am I to argue.

While I wish my iPod didn’t die to begin with, at least getting it replaced was quick and painless.

When we got home, my nephew proceeded to commandeer my Powerbook and created a DVD of his sister’s basketball game video. I think I may make him a convert yet.

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RIP: my iPod

My iPod died again. I had it plugged into my laptop for charging when my computer suddenly froze. I picked up my iPod and the sound eminating from its hard drive was scary to say the least. whirrr clunk whirrrr clunk whirrrr clunk.

My first iPod died a couple months ago after owning it for only six months. It just wouldn’t turn on. When I took it in to the Apple Store in Indianapolis, they replaced it on the spot. I was pretty happy about that.

But here we go again. I’ve taken really good care of it, Darlene even knitted me a green and blue stripped cover to keep it from getting scratched up. So I guess I’ll take it back to the Apple Store again tomorrow after class.

It’ll be interesting. I just hope I don’t lose it for umpteen weeks while they repair it, I use the thing constantly.

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