New work on Mudcat Pottery website and other thoughts

For the fun of it Darlene and I have been making tiles as a sideline to her regular Mudcat work. I posted several of the tiles on her Hot from the Kiln page of her website.

Three of the tiles I actually created—“Maneki Neko,” “Hoosier Cat” and “Broadway Fountain Fish” The rest Darlene did and I’ll post more of her tiles soon.

There’s also a new hand-built carved box and mini-jar that I love.

I added the new pots as we waiting out the rain today. This is the second weekend of our Grand Open House. This weekend’s been slower than last weekend (though everyone may be down in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby). However, we had one gentleman who bought seven pieces for wedding gifts—that’s a nice sale.

Also interesting article about fear in this month’s Utne magazine. In the sidebar “7 ways to rethink fear” here are a couple of tidbits.

Old thoughts: If I act on what I believe, conflict will break out. I’ll be humiliated and ineffective. New Thoughts: Conflict means engagement. Something is in motion. It’s an opening, not a closing.

Maybe that can be a mantra for John Kerry… and me as well.

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Mudcat Pottery website updated

I gave Darlene’s website an updating today. There’s a new gallery with five “hot from the kiln” sculptures in it. I still have a lot of work to do on it. Right now, the gallery looks like it belongs to a different website. I needed to get the mechanics to work, the “skin” comes next.

Give a look. Feedback welcome.

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Pots out of the kiln

Here’s one of the sculptures Darlene took out of the kiln this week. We’ve just set up a spot on our third floor where we can take photos of the pots. This is the first endeavor. The lighting needs a little work, but the pot is beautiful.


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